ISO 22301 Business Continuity

ISO 22301 Business Continuity

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BCMS 22301

  • The full title of this standard is ISO 22301:2019. It emphasizes that systems for managing business continuity must be both secure and resilient.
  • Issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), this document outlines the best practices for effectively managing business continuity within an organization. ISO 22301 business continuity management offers the most comprehensive framework for achieving this goal, and it was developed by top business continuity specialists.
  • One distinguishing feature that sets ISO 22301 apart from other business continuity frameworks and standards is its certification process. An organization can obtain certification from a recognized certification authority, allowing it to demonstrate compliance with the standard to stakeholders such as clients, partners, owners, and customers.
  • This ISO 22301 certification serves as concrete evidence of an organization's commitment to business continuity and resilience, enhancing its reputation and trustworthiness in the eyes of stakeholders.

Benefits of ISO 22301 BCMS Certification

1.Respect the law's obligations:

  • More and more nations are establishing laws and rules demanding adherence to business continuity requirements. Beyond the interests of the government, commercial organisations (such financial institutions) are also requesting the implementation of business continuity solutions from their suppliers and partners. The good news is that ISO 22301 offers the ideal technique and framework to enable compliance with these criteria.

2. Obtain a marketing edge.

  • If your business has ISO 22301 certification but your rivals don't, you will have an advantage over them when it comes to clients that care deeply about maintaining the delivery of their goods and services.

3. Lessen your reliance on people

  • Most of the time, a firm's essential functions depend on a small number of difficult-to-replace individuals, as brutally illustrated when these individuals depart the company.

4.Avert extensive damage

  • Every minute of service downtime costs money—a lot of money—in a world where real-time services and transactions are the norm. Even if your company is less sensitive to brief outages, disruptive events will nonetheless cost you money. You can create a sort of insurance policy by putting ISO 22301-compliant business continuity strategies into place.

Steps implement ISO 22301 BCMS

The following 17 actions must be followed in order to implement ISO 22301 in your business:

  • Management assistance
  • Determining requirements
  • Business continuity objectives and policy
  • Supplemental management system papers
  • Risk evaluation and management
  • Business impact evaluation
  • A plan for business continuity
  • Plan for business continuity
  • Education and preparation
  • Upkeep of the documentation
  • Exercise and testing
  • Post-incident analyses
  • Interaction with potential clients
  • Evaluation and measurement
  • Internal auditing
  • Corrective measures
  • Management review

Need for BCMS certification as an organization

To aid governmental organisations and their community partners, NCEMA sponsored the creation of this business continuity standard. Plan for disruptions, deal with them, and recover from them Defend against disruptions and lessen their frequency improve national stability and operational resilience based on organisational priorities, facilitate effective execution.

Any business, regardless of size, that adopted ISO 22301 is eligible to submit an application for evaluation to a certification body. But how does a company obtain ISO 22301 certification? You must first choose a certification body. Because authorised certification agencies have regulations for independent certification bodies and are acknowledged internationally, choosing one is crucial. In order to submit an offer based on audit time in man-days, certification organisations will ask you to give information about your firm, such as the number of employees and your essential procedures. Your audit programme begins when you accept an offer from a certification organisation and sign a contract with them.

BCMS certification steps

The following are the steps involved in ISO 22301 BCMS certification

  • Utilize the plan-do-check-act methodology while being aware of the Standard's requirements.
  • To find flaws in the BCMS, conduct a "Gap Analysis" against these requirements.
  • Determine and concur on corrective measures to deal with any nonconformities.
  • Assign and carry out the remedial activities.
  • Conduct a stage 1 audit simulation that includes every aspect of ISO 22301.
  • Finding a certified certification body that offers UK-based organisations International Organization for Standardization (ISO) management system certification and inspection services would be the last step. These organisations include the BSI and Certification Europe, both of which have ISO 22301 accreditation.
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Nathan Labs holds certifications including ISO 22301 Lead Auditor, ISO 9000 Lead Auditor, and Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). Our expertise includes the gap assessment against the ISO 27001 standard and the implementation of the information security policies that help organizations get their ISO 22301 certification.


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