ISO 27001 Information Security

ISO 27001 Information Security

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What is ISO 27001?

  • An international group of standards, commonly referred to as ISO 27001, or more precisely as 'ISO/IEC 27001 - Information technology — Security approaches — Information security management systems — Requirements,' was jointly developed in collaboration with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
  • ISO 27001 is a critical component of the ISO 27000 series, which sets out the standards for managing information security.
  • ISO 27001 certification requirements are an integral part of this framework. The ISO 27001 framework provides organizations of all sizes and across various industries with specific guidelines and procedures for establishing a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS).
  • This ISMS is designed to align with the ISO standard for information security, ensuring that organizations can effectively safeguard their information assets and adhere to international security best practices.

Importance of ISO 27001 certification in USA

The organisation will gain the following benefits from the installation of an ISMS utilising the ISO 27001 Standard:

  • Legal compliance - The ISO 27001 Certification attests to conformity with all applicable laws pertaining to data security.
  • Increases your competitiveness - Applying for ISO 27001 Certification in the USA can improve your reputation in the market for having a solid ISMS, which puts you among the top options for conducting business.
  • Cost savings - Since ISO 27001 Certification shows that your information is protected against loss or breach, there is less likelihood of an emergency, which enables you to obtain insurance at a cheaper premium. Additionally, it assists in avoiding responsibility expenses that would otherwise result from emergencies.
  • Improved management Get ISO 27001 Certified helps projects and processes run more smoothly and removes uncertainty about personnel responsibilities and activity priority setting.


  • An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a set of rules that are designed to secure the information stored in digital form by identifying the risks to your information infrastructure.
  • It also strives to fulfil stakeholder expectations by putting controls in place and continuously enhancing the ISMS in accordance with shifting market requirements.
  • These guidelines may be produced using non-recorded technology or may be documented in the form of records of policies and procedures.

ISO 27001 Structure

  • The ISO 27001 standard is divided into two parts: the first portion has 11 clauses, and the second part has Annex A, which offers instructions for 114 control objectives. Introduction, scope, normative references, and terms and definitions are the first four sentences (parts 0 to 3) of the first section. The remaining clauses (clauses 4 to 11) comprise the mandatory requirements for the ISMS. To support the clauses and their requirements, Annex A comprises non-mandatory prerequisites.
  • Clause 4: Organizational context - Every organisation operates differently. This provision enables the ISMS to be customised to your organization's context.
  • Clause 5: Leadership - By designating tasks and responsibilities to the appropriate individual and creating information security rules, this clause highlights the significance of senior management in creating and implementing the ISMS.
  • Clause 6: Planning - In order to design the processes and procedures for the ISMS, it is crucial to identify the risks and opportunities. The goals of the organization's information security should be coordinated with this planning.
  • The resources, employee competency, knowledge, and communication that are essential support systems for every management system are included in clause 7: Support. Additionally, it guarantees the upkeep of records necessary for ISO 27001 ISMS Certification achievement.
  • Clause 8: Operation - This section covers planning, implementing, and controlling how the ISMS operates. Here, activities are prepared in accordance with the identified risks.
  • Clause 9: Performance evaluation - Your ISMS's performance is continuously assessed for effectiveness with the aid of monitoring and measurement technologies.
  • Clause 10: Continuous Improvement In order to be protected from the evolving nature of cyber and information security threats, it is crucial to keep your ISMS updated and effective. Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) is a management method that is used to ensure that your ISMS is continually improved.

Reference control objectives and controls for Annex A (normative)

It includes a collection of reference control goals and measures. The controls listed in Annex A range from Information security policies (A.5) through Compliance (A.18), and they are all necessary to comply with the requirements of the ISO 27001 Standard.

How to get an ISO 27001 Certification ?

After preparing and implementing ISO 27001, an enterprise in the USA may contact an ISO Certification Body in the USA, who will offer the organisation with a cost-effective, accredited ISO 27001 certification within the specified time. The certification authority typically follows the following standard procedure for ISO 27001 Certification after receiving an application for ISMS certification.

  • Choosing an audit team for the audit
  • Auditors' On-Site Audit
  • Creating an audit report and submitting it to the certification body for approval
  • Following the necessary certification decision action, the certifying body issues the ISO 27001 Certification to the organisation.
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Our Certifications

Nathan Labs holds certifications including ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, ISO 9000 Lead Auditor, and Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). Our expertise includes the gap assessment against the ISO 27001 standard and the implementation of the information security policies that help organizations get their ISO 27001 certification.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an international standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) designed to provide guidelines and procedures for organizations to establish a robust approach to information security.

How can NathanLabs assist with ISO 27001 certification?

NathanLabs specializes in helping organizations implement ISO 27001 standards effectively.

Why is ISO 27001 certification important?

ISO 27001 certification holds several advantages:

  • Legal Compliance: The certification ensures adherence to data security laws.
  • Enhanced Competitiveness:Being ISO 27001 certified boosts your reputation, making you a preferred choice for business partners.
  • Cost Savings:With improved information security, you can obtain insurance at lower premiums and reduce emergency-related expenses.
  • Improved Management:ISO 27001 enhances project and process management, clarifying roles and priorities.
What benefits can my organization expect?

By partnering with NathanLabs for ISO 27001 certification, you'll experience:

  • Tailored Solutions: Our experts offer customized approaches for ISMS implementation, fitting your organization's unique needs.
  • Comprehensive Guidance: We assist in navigating the ISO 27001 framework, ensuring proper compliance.
  • Efficiency and Confidence:ISO 27001 certification streamlines operations, enhancing your organization's overall efficiency and security.
Is NathanLabs experienced in ISO 27001 certification?

Yes, NathanLabs boasts a team of experts with in-depth knowledge of ISO 27001 requirements and implementation strategies.

How do I get started?

Contact NathanLabs to discuss your organization's specific needs and goals. Our team will guide you through the ISO 27001 certification process, helping you achieve a robust and effective Information Security Management System.

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